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Current Projects
Maintaining my cult television website, ‘The Science-Fiction and Telefantasy Databanks’ at

July 2017 - Present
Senior Service Manager supporting the Global Exhibitions division of Informa, a leading provider of specialist information to the global academic and scientific, professional and commercial communities via publishing, conferences and events. I manage the needs of the division and overall relationship with Group IT to maintain acceptable service levels, drive best practice and service improvement, support business planning, and provide a single point of contact at an operational level for coordination between GE and Group IT.

• Responsible for assuring the end-to-end Operational Service Delivery of IT services provided to GE division by Group IT
• Primary communication point at an operational management level between GE IT and Group IT
• Responsible for ensuring a positive customer experience for GE colleagues consuming Group IT technology services
• Ensuring that services, policies and procedures comply with best practice
• Managing Continual Service Improvement Plans
• Chairing Service Reviews with GE and Group IT
• GE representative at Global CAB meetings
• Overseeing Change and Configuration Management activities
• Major Incident Management for IT applications and services consumed by GE

Technology, Distribution and Archive, BBC
April 2005 - March 2017
Responsible for providing an effective service assurance, service delivery and service improvement function for the technology services delivered to the BBC by Atos, BT, Vodaphone, Xerox and Condeco. Duties include:

• overseeing the Technology Framework Contract agreed between customer and supplier
• providing service assurance responsibility for the Managed Applications, Storage and End User Compute Towers delivering services to the business under the SIAM model
• support of the BBC divisions Radio and Education, Studioworks, Worldwide and UKTV
• working with internal strategy, architecture and design teams to establish requirements for new services, to ensure that they align with business needs and priorities
• ensuring that new services transition into the live environment smoothly and without incident
• managing the definition of services and Service Level Agreements required to support the business
• negotiating and implementing service performance measurements
• • continually reviewing service and supplier performance in monthly Service Review governance meetings, held with customer stakeholders, Atos and their 3rd party suppliers and vendors
• reviewing services and processes to identify areas of improvement, maximise effectiveness and drive cost savings for the business
• undertaking continual service improvement plans with Atos, and their 3rd party suppliers and vendors
• tracking and measuring technology-enabled change through regular CABs; approving high priority requests
• ensuring that technology-related business risks are identified, monitored and appropriately mitigated
• performing incident management to deal with issues as and when they occur, to quickly restore service
• carrying out root cause analysis and proactive problem management to reduce incidents
• relationship management: managing and influencing multiple stakeholders at all levels of seniority from the customer and user base, the main supplier and 3rd party suppliers
• able to explain complex technical information to stakeholders of varying levels of technical ability
• skilled in facilitating complex negotiations to bring about satisfactory agreement by all parties
• experience of software and hardware asset management processes and policies
• management and leadership of a team of Technology Service Advisors
• experience in ad hoc project management and technical support

Technology Division, BBC
March 2004 – April 2005
Ad hoc project management and technical support; evaluating existing services and processes and identifying areas of improvement. Undertook a project to audit and reconcile all the I.T. equipment used throughout BBC Vision, completion of which provided an annual saving of £350,000+.

Television Business and Finance, BBC
January 2004 – March 2004
Responsible for the ordering, implementation and general running of the I.T. equipment used throughout the department, which comprised of 200+ staff, including the channel controllers.

Technology Finance, BBC Technology Ltd.
May 2001 - January 2004
Asset management for the 65,000+ items of IT equipment used across the entire BBC. This involved general finance duties such as reconciliation and correction of customer accounts, solving customer disputes, use of databases and spreadsheets, office administration, invoice processing and project co-ordination.

December 2001 - March 2003
Designed and created websites for 'Silver Acre Comics' (, 'The Hamilton Clinic' and others.

'Real Food', BDP Media / Taste Channel
January 2001 - February 2001
Location director for various celebrity interviews, shot on location with a BetaCam crew for the 'Real Food' programme.

'Guinness World Records', Clark Pictures
November 2000
Development work on a children's game show.

Guinness World Records', Clark Pictures
June 2000 - October 2000
Responsible for producing over 300 short films for inclusion on the 'Guinness World Records' website. These films were either specially shot by the team at Clark, or obtained from record holders, and then edited into short packages.

'N.O.W. Television', Pacific Century Cyberworks, Trans World International
January 2000 - June 2000
'Now Television’ streamed video daily across the Web. I was responsible for the development and writing of programme content for the 'Technology' strand of the channel, directing location made films on DVCam, animating sequences using Flash and writing Web pages posted alongside each show. I also deputised for the producer whenever necessary, and edited programme material using Avid Xpress.

'Raw TV', Carlton Television
July 1999 - November 1999
'Raw TV' was a two-hour magazine show covering music, fashion, the arts and topical issues, aimed at a teenage audience, transmitted daily on Carlton World. I was responsible for researching, writing and producing many editions of the show and the items included within them. Also produced and directed many location-based items on Beta and on DVCam for inclusion in the shows. I also directed several editions of 'Raw TV' in a multi-camera studio environment.

'Voyager', BBC Children's & BBC Knowledge
February 1999 - July 1999
I researched, wrote, produced and directed thirty thirty-minute editions of the education programme 'Voyager'. Voyager was an alien probe that received signals from CBBC programmes. The series was aimed at 8-10 year olds, and used a mixture of CGI material, archive sequences from shows such as 'Blue Peter', 'Smart' and 'It'll Never Work', as well as original material using popular presenters. I wrote, produced and directed these short films, which were shot on location using Widescreen on DVCam.

'Hype', BBC Children's
October 1998 - February 1999
'Hype' was a live, three-hour magazine show for the 13-17 year old audience, broadcast direct from Molinaire studios in the heart of London’s Carnaby Street. I wrote and produced many live editions of the show, as well as many pre-recorded insert items on Beta and DVCam, which were shot on location both in the UK and in New York. I also directed several live studios, using a multi-camera set-up.

'Pick of the Week', BBC Choice
June 1998 - September 1998
‘Pick of the Week’ was one of BBC Choice's flagship shows, featuring the 'best bits' of the BBC's output, repackaged with original linking material. I researched, wrote, directed and produced many insert films that featured members of the public. These were shot on location using on DVCam. The live shows also enabled me to gain experience of studio floor management.

'Teletubbies', Ragdoll Productions / BBC Children's
April 1998
I wrote, produced and directed a short film insert for the popular pre-school series, featuring children aged under-5 making bread! This was shot on BetaCam with a location crew.

'Get Your Own Back', BBC Children's
March 1998
I wrote, produced and directed a short film insert for the game-show series; this was shot on BetaCam with a location crew.

BBC Children's
June 1996 - June 1998
Editorial responsibility for Children's Programmes such as 'Teletubbies', 'Playdays', 'Goosebumps', 'Sweet Valley High', 'Noddy' and 'Pingu'. Prepared and re-versioned material for transmission. Acted as liaison for external production companies and distributors. Assisted Head of Children's Commissioning with preparation of transmission schedules. Provided producer approval of first edits on co-produced series, such as 'William's Wish Wellingtons', 'The Busy World of Richard Scarry', and 'Dennis the Menace'.

'Ants in Your Pants' Series 1, BBC Children's & BBC Worldwide
September 1995
Production Assistant duties and gallery work on thirteen studio-based episodes, working with puppet Otis the Aardvark.

BBC Children's
November 1993 - June 1996
Assistant to Acquisitions Executive, with editorial responsibility for content on purchased Children's Programmes. Prepared programme material for transmission, and provided relevant production paperwork.

BBC Post Production
January 1989 - November 1993
Responsible for the co-ordination of post-production resources, including staffing, editing, dubbing and transferring of materials.

BBC Engineering Accounts
Responsible for the processing and payment of Engineering Finance invoices and accounts. Other duties included drawing cheques, liaising with clients and departments and general office duties.



Agile Project Management (BBC – February 2016)

Product Management (BBC – October 2015)

Software Management Foundation (Crayon/FAST – September 2015)

I.T.I.L. Foundation v3 (Quanta – February 2012)

Managing Successful Projects (BBC – May 2011)

I.T. Relationship Management: Aligning I.T. with the Business (Learning Tree - April 2010)

H.R. For Non-H.R. Managers (BBC – January 2009)

I.T.I.L. Foundation v2 (BBC – January 2009)

Consultancy Course (IBM - September & October 2008)

Chairing and Facilitation (BBC - September 2008)

Project Management Core Skills (BBC - June 2008)

Advanced Reporting (BBC - June 2008)

Managing Group Dynamics (BBC - April 2008)

Creative Facilitation (BBC - September 2007)

Delivering Successful Projects (BBC / Proteus Project Management - September 2007)

Powerful Presentation Skills (BBC - October 2006)

Influencing Skills (BBC - September 2006)

BBC Leadership Programme (Ashridge - September 2006)

Fair Selection (BBC - March 2006)

Negotiation Skills (Scotworks - January 2006)

Advanced Excel for Windows (BBC - January 2003)

Avid Xpress Editing (BBC - March 2000)

Flash Animation (PPC/TWI - March 2000)

Optima Editing and Phoenix Logger (BBC - May 1999)

Digital Video Camera – Extended Skills (Sound & Vision) (BBC - October 1998)

Lighting, and Lighting Health and Safety (BBC - July 1998)

Programme Budgeting (BBC - October 1997)

Executive Health and Safety (BBC - September 1997) & (TWI - April 2000)

Digital Video Camera Skills (BBC - August 1997)

Director's Camera Command (BBC - October 1996)

Trainee Technical Recording Operator (BBC Post Production - September 1993)

6 O Levels: Fleetwood Secondary School, Chessington, Surrey (September 1979 - October 1985)


I have a comprehensive knowledge of Excel, which I use to maintain spreadsheets, databases and many other applications, and am also able to use advanced features such as macros, pivot tables, conditional statements, lookups, etc. I am experienced in using Access to create databases, queries, forms and reports. I have used Visio to create diagrams, organisational charts and flowcharts. I have used SAP to create orders, carry out GRN-ing, run reports and carry out reconciliation. I am fully versed in the use of Word as a writing and word processing tool. I can programme in HTML code in order to create and maintain websites. I can use Power Point to create presentations and packages. I have experience of using Flash for animation work. I have a practical understanding of Photoshop, which I use for photographic and web-based projects. I am familiar with the everyday applications and machinery found in a modern office environment.


'Dog Detectives' (2013, on Amazon Kindle - available to buy here)
(A children's comedy-adventure novel, featuringthe adventures of renowned canine detective Barrington Bones and his hapless assistant, Trevor)

'The Star Trek Fact Files' - Various Articles


'The Making of Terry Nation's Blake's 7' - Boxtree (1997)

'Carry On Laughing' - Virgin (1996)

'Classic Who-The Harper Classics' - Boxtree (1996)

'Classic Who-The Hinchcliffe Years' - Boxtree (1995)

'The Doctors' - Boxtree (1994)

'The Radio Times' - 'Star Trek' Article (1992)

'The Monsters' - Boxtree (1992)




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