WARNING! This site contains SPOILERS!

And not just Spoilers for the shows I cover in my episode guides! Here are some others:

- They were on Earth all along!

- Not only is the baddie his father, but the bit of royal-tottie that he fancies is his sister!

- Soylent Green is made from people!

- The motel manager is really a dress-wearing loony who keeps the corpse of his dead mum in the cellar!

- The whole village has set him up to be burnt alive!

- The guy in the wheelchair is really the villain!

- His last word was the name of his childhood sledge!

- The child psychologist is dead too!

- None of it is real everyone is trapped in a virtual reality!

- Its his wifes head in the box!

- The guy hes been talking to has been making it all up all along!

- The other guy is a figment of his imagination he is the person running the club!

- The voices are real its the woman and her kids who are the ghosts!

- His girlfriend is really a bloke in a dress!

- It was all a dream!

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