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In 1975 Rudolph Roffi, a French television executive, made a champagne commercial featuring Patrick Macnee and Linda Thorson, once more in their roles as John Steed and Tara King. Curiously, it was a few months later that Roffi actually learned from Brian Clemens that ‘The Avengers’ was no longer in production; after a few weeks, Roffi contacted Clemens again and announced that he now had the money needed to begin production on a new series. Clemens, Albert Fennell, and music composer Laurie Johnson then formed ‘The Avengers (Film & TV) Enterprises Ltd’; and after persuading Patrick MacNee to take up his bowler once again, they began casting the new series, called ‘The New Avengers’ in order to point out that this show would be a new spin on the original.

Joanna Lumley was picked out of three-hundred hopefuls to play Purdey, an attractive, feminine, but capable agent; Gareth Hunt was given the part of Mike Gambit, the tough, loyal, right-hand-man to Steed, who would take on the more demanding aspects of the show that Patrick MacNee was thought to no longer be able to handle (although he did prove quite capable, and insisted on more action for his character in the later episodes!).

‘The New Avengers’ was shot entirely on film, with high-production values, and was much more action-packed and serious than the original series of the Sixties. However, the interaction of the three main characters still retained the traditional ‘Avengers’ feel, particularly in the banter between Purdey and Gambit.

Unfortunately, after filming the first thirteen episodes, the production team began to experience problems with their financial backers; the French wanted Purdey to be sexier, while the Canadians wanted more location filming in their country. The production team compromised by filming four episodes in Canada and three in France; but then the French failed to live up to their end of the financial deal. Production moved to Canada, but the quality of the show soon declined, and demand for a third series never picked up.

Although very underrated ‘The New Avengers’ is still a great show, and remains a classic example of the action-packed adventure series of the 70s.

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