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Oceanic Air Flight 815, heading out from Sydney, Australia and bound for Los Angeles in the United States, seems to be an everyday flight full of everyday passengers – that is, until the airplane is inexplicably drawn off-course, torn apart in mid-air, and then sent crashing onto the beach of a remote island in the Pacific.

Thrown into this terrifying situation, seemingly without hope of rescue, forty-eight survivors are forced to find strengths of courage that they never knew they had in order to survive. However, it soon becomes apparent that the island holds many secrets – strange creatures can be heard prowling the jungle at night; mysterious voices whisper indecipherable messages; and impossible events are somehow made real.

Not only that, but the castaways themselves hide dark secrets – secrets that link to the island itself, and also to an ages-old battle between good and evil…

Created by J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof for Touchstone Television, ‘Lost’ may have had a simple premise, but it had lots to captivate its viewers. Filmed entirely on location in Hawaii, the show was unprecedented in that it had over a dozen lead characters, each well-rounded and well-cast. Abrams and Lindelof have said that they mapped out the plotline right from the start, and indeed the show was excellently written: each episode brought greater surprises and revelations, whilst continuing to generate more and more questions to frustrate the audience; the plot twisted and turned in ways that no-one could have ever have guessed, not only within the main storyline, but also via flashbacks, flash-forwards and even, mind-bendingly, flash-sideways.

‘Lost’ is a rare example of a show that managed to keep its viewers completely in the dark right up to the end. In 2010, after six seasons of enjoyable-yet-frustrating television, the truth behind the plight of the passengers of Oceanic Air Flight 815 was finally revealed in a controversial finale simulcast across the globe – giving viewers an ending that will keep them talking for some time to come…

Note: Episode synopses are taken from ABC's official publicity releases; be warned though, they contain spoilers, and this is the sort of show that you ought to be surprised about when watching!

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